Opinion: Could This be the Genesis of the fall of Rwenzururu Kingdom?


Am at pain to continue with our series of “the Devil Behind the Rwenzururu Omen”. At this stage I would like to draw your attention to the simple bitter facts as they unfolded.

Looking at them in isolation may not make real sense, but all combined one can discern the danger befalling this Kingdom.

Paying attention to detail is one thing my lecturer taught me. I never just take anything for granted.

Kingdoms are such a unique establishment that have a unique social order.When such order is broken or tampered with, they definitely cease.

Whoever, is still waiting for an announcement on radio receivers or Television sets, you may have to wait a bit much longer.

On the 27th November 2016, the social order of the Rwenzururu Kingdom was broken.

When the King was ejected out his palace and the palace set ablaze, we went back to square one.

No King in history ever reigns or rules over his subjects while in exile. Possibly we are waiting to see the first of its kind in Rwenzururu.

It is naive of any Rwenzururu subject to believe that this establishment is still in existence.

Come to think about these basic facts;
The King’s palace is attacked in broad day light, blood is shed and very many arrested.
The King is airlifted from his territorial jurisdiction to another Kingdom, to his subjects he was being air lifted to go and meet the President. Alas, he ended up in some detention camp at Nalufenya.
He is finally produced in court and various charges tramped upon him.
Various people flock statehouse with all sorts of pleadings.
The legal battle starts.

Blackmail and mistrust takes over the whole institution and process. No one is genuine.
There emerge castigating teams in the name of peace lover(actually the conflict merchants).
The first bail application is made and it is successful granted. However, the fruits of the same are not realised due to what we shall discuss lator.
The King is disgraced and rearrested at the court premises taken back to Jail.

Another bail application is made, conditions given on how it should be made and who should do what.(actually the first of its kind, where bail becomes negotiable).
Finally then bail is granted in a way of changing his prison to house arrest. Actually the only right that the King was granted is stay with his family.
He is not allowed to talk to his subjects save with due clearance from the powers that be.
As he appears before court from his house its Police that takes charge. He uses some police car to take him to Court and back.
Lastly but not least, he is historically now the only King worldwide who is leading his people without communication.
There has never been a Kingdom ran like this. No King reigns under such. The bitter truth is that the Rwenzururu Kingdom has been abolished and in any case, the King no longer has any powers.

If he is acquitted he will have to start over again. He will have to establish a new order in place.
This means the old order was tampered with and subsequently banished.

The King needs not be exiles to Europe for you to know that the Kingship is no more.
You might wait for a billboard to raised along Kampala road or Rwenzori Square for you to know what i’m talking about.

Sandy Apolo Randy
A humble subject of the Mighty Kingdom of Rwenzururu.

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Keeping the Hope Alive.
The Rwenzori Eagle Eye.
The Voice from the Peak.


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