Youth Descend On Catechist Over Transfer of their Favorite Priest


A group of 15 youth in Kalongo Town Council, Agago District on Tuesday attacked a catechist attached to Kalongo Mission and beat him up, leaving him with serious injuries.

Mr Faustino Lutoo was hospitalised after he was injured on the head following the attack while he was reciting a rosary with other Christians at the church.

The angry youth accused the church leader of masterminding the transfer of the Rev Fr Didier Umbo from Kalongo Catholic Mission to Mbarara Catholic Mission last week. They demanded to know why Fr. Umbo, who was the people’s favorite priest at the church, was transferred.

It is alleged, the youth threatened to kill him if he did not explain the reason behind the priest’s transfer. However, before the catechist could explain, the youth descended on him.

Mr Lutoo was taken to Kalongo Hospital where he was still receiving treatment by press time.
Fr Umbo, a Congolese national, had worked at Kalongo Catholic Mission for five years and he had built a strong relationship with the youth Christians in the region.

Agago District Police Commander Mathias Muge confirmed the incident, adding that police have already started its investigations into the matter.

“We want to engage the youth in the area, during our community policing dialogues on the dangers of taking laws into their hands. Transfers are normal in all institutions,” Mr Muge said.


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