Best 10 Places Where to Eat in Kampala


Many aspects of Kampala can be overwhelming to visitors, and the dining experience is no exception. With food from just about every continent around City Square alone, it can be hard to choose just one.

1000 Cups, located on Buganda Road, offers a quick and delicious caffeine boost of Uganda’s finest coffee. All the options means that it’s easy to avoid the fall-back choices – American, Chinese, and Indian, and opt for more exotic tastes, like Greek, Turkish, Korean, or Cuban.

The prices vary as much as the styles – Antonio’s Grille, by City Square on Kampala Road, has quick meals for under USH6,000.

Upscale Fang Fang, however, will send you back to the ATM.

You might enjoy eating pork sticks at Faze 2, an oasis of calm in bustling Kampala. Faze 2 captures the diverse food choices within Kampala, with a full menu of Western, Asian, and African entrees.

Plates at Faze 2 start at USH12,000, but I learned the hard way that drinks cost almost twice what they would at other places.
Beneath a canopy of trees, the largely outdoor restaurant was another quiet retreat from Kampala’s busy downtown. The dining area was less than half full by late evening, and it was mostly a local business crowd.


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