UPDF and Congolese Soldiers Kill 4 ADF Rebels


Last month, the joint forces opened up the second axis against the ADF rebels.
The Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) and Congolese army on Monday afternoon attacked an Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel camp in Bundihangaro, north of Nobili, eastern DR Congo, and killed four rebels.

Maj Peter Mugisa, the public information officer of Operation Shujaa, the joint UPDF-DR Congo army operation against ADF, said the soldiers were tipped off by residents.

“Our joint forces conducting Operation Shujaa got a tip from villagers and they were able to locate an ADF rebel camp that was estimated to have about 30 rebels, our forces raided the camp and killed four rebels,” he said.

He added that they also recovered two guns, one RPG bomb, seven goats, sauce pans, and DR Congo army uniforms.

“We are very grateful to the villagers who reported the presence of ADF rebels in their area and we encourage others to do the same so that we eliminate and stop this mayhem,” he said.

Maj Mugisa said on Sunday night, the ADF rebels attacked Kayenjye Village between Nobili border and Kamango Town and killed a boda boda rider, burnt two houses and stole goats and chicken.

He said on Monday the ADF rebels moved north of Kamango Town into Bundihangaro about six kilometres north of Nobili border and five kilometres east of Kamango Town, where they abducted six civilians from their gardens and killed them.

“We expect more bodies of ADF rebels to be found in the surrounding areas as the search is going on. These are rebels that have been terrorising the population in Nobili areas,” he said.

On February 2, the ADF and CODECO militants attacked Nobili, Njiapande Town, and Balu in DR Congo and killed 64 people.

More than 1,500 Congolese refugees crossed to Uganda and took refuge in Bundibugyo District at Bubukwanga refugee transit centre.


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