Museveni Praises Emorimor Osuban For Not Meddling in Politics


President Museveni praised Emorimor Augustine Osuban Lemukol Adugala for not meddling in politics as stipulated in the 1995 Constitution of Uganda.The President was speaking at the requiem mass at Kololo ceremonial grounds attended by leaders from political, academia and cultural backgrounds.

The mass was held to celebrate the life of Emorimor, who outside the cultural leadership, served as distinguished civil servant in the Ministry of Agriculture. Adugala started his career at Serere Agriculture Research Organisation in the 1950s.“I am here to say goodbye to Mzee Osuban but most importantly, to bear testimony to his contribution which others can emulate. Do not form alternative government; your role is to add value to Uganda which is coming up,” President Museveni said.

Mr Museveni said the Constitution stipulates the role of central government, and the kingdoms, adding that the Emorimor understood this as he did not take part in politics and legislation.

“I don’t have the slightest mistake against him.

“I have never heard that Mzee Osuban was meddling in these issues of politics, legislation, etc. I express my condolence to family, the Iteso community and all Ugandans and wish him eternal rest in the afterlife,” the President said.

Mr Museveni also said Emorimor did well in unifying Teso.

“You know Iteso are very quarrelsome people, when you hear that someone has succeeded in unifying them, it’s not an easy thing,” the President said, adding that his feat in causing unity cuts across the border among the Ateker group in Kenya, Sudan, and Ethiopia.

Mr Museveni cited the Ateker cultural day in Kumi District in 2018, which demonstrated unity among the Ateker people.The President also applauded the deceased for ensuring development projects around Agu wetlands in Ngora.
In recognition of the roles that the cultural institutions are playing in the country, the President acknowledged the funding crisis.

He said cultural institutions should be given cars after every five years.

“We are not funding this institution, it is embarrassing. MPs we have to give more, we give vehicles, and it should be an entitlement,” Mr Museveni said.


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