UNEB Announces Changes in 2020 Registration for Exams


The Uganda National Examination Board has made major changes in the registration of candidates for the 2020 national examinations at all levels. This follows the President Museveni’s directive of closure of all schools in the country for 32 days due to the Covid-19 outbreak into Africa.

Museveni on Wednesday evening addressed the nation on the steps taken by Uganda to contain the outbreak and that it was wise that he closes the schools for 32 days as one of the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in case it’s confirmed in the country.

UNEB Executive Secretary says the board will now sit to adjust the time table for registration of candidates that was meant to start on April 1st for Primary Leaving and O-Level exams.
Though Uganda is still COVID-19 free, Museveni said that there will be no going for prayers for a period of 32 days as such gatherings are much risky for coronavirus spread.

“The prayers will continue but in homes, God is in all places. Yes, we have been praying together and it has its advantages, but we cannot insist on it in the face of danger. Religious leaders can use radio stations and TVs to continue preaching. Pope Francis has abandoned his customary preaching at St peters Square and took on to preach through the television. He has set a very good precedent,” he said


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