Uganda Ranked Best in Handling Covid Situation

Covid 19 Update

New rankings by the World Statistics website Worldometer have placed Uganda among the top countries that are managing the Covid19 pandemic better globally.

The country which is currently undergoing the second total lockdown after the emergence of the Delta variant of the Covid19 virus has so far recorded only 1,873 deaths from 84,852 positive cases confirmed.

Out of the total 84,852 positive cases recorded since March 2020, 54,845 have so far been treated using both local remedies and pharmaceutical remedies and have totally recovered.

This places Uganda on top of many developed economies both in Africa and overseas as far as management of Covid19 is concerned including our East African counterparts Kenya, West African giants Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco, and Tunisia among others.

Since the first Covid 19 infection was confirmed in the country in March 2020, Uganda focused on preventing the spread of the novel virus to its large population. The country underwent a lockdown that led to slowness in the spread of the virus.

The second lockdown that was imposed in June 2021 has been credited for reducing the speed the way the virus was spreading. The number of deaths are also going down and the panic for need of hospital beds has reduced.


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