Third edition of Rolex festival for this weekend


The Uganda Museum will be the venue for this year’s third edition of Rolex festival an event that is gaining popularity from all walks of life.

Launched in 2016, Rolex Festival is held annually to promote the growing innovatiness of Uganda in the tourism industry.

The Rolex initiative together with the ministry of tourism wildlife and antiquities is organizing the third edition of the Kampala Rolex festival in conjunction with corporate world to popularize this newly Ugandan founded menu. The event is scheduled for 19th August 2018.

Internationally, Rolex made headlines on CNN, CCTV and BBC as a street easy-to-get food invented in Uganda.

The Rolex food trade has not only enabled many communities to feed themselves well, but has in no small measure provided income generating opportunities. Many restaurants around the world especially those operated by Ugandans started to include Rolex on their menus.

Examples of these are Little Kampala Bar and Grill in Washington Blvd. In Denmark, Sylvester Bbaale owner of UGOOD, food truck won the best exhibitor award at a food truck festival in Copenhagen. On Ugandan Independence Day, the Ugandan embassy in Denmark hires UGOOD to serve various Ugandan foods including the Rolex to all the diplomats who turn up for the celebration.


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