NUP Supporters Gather at Nalufenya Gate in Peaceful Protest for Bobi Wine Arrest


National Unity Platform Presidential Candidate spent the night under detention at Nalufenya Prison after being arrested yesterday prior to his campaigns in Luuka district.

Today, a number of youths have started gathering at the prison’s gate with placards requesting for the release of their presidential hopeful, singing NRA bush war song and the People Power movement ‘Tuliyamba Engule’ song.

According to NUP spokes person Joel Senyonyi, Police has denied any one access to the incarcerated legislator claiming that they are awaiting from orders from their bosses.

“Since yesterday,police&the army have denied us access to our Presidential candidate,saying they await orders. There’s no word about whether or not he’ll be taken to court&we don’t know the state he is in.We’ll keep here (at Nalufenya Prison gate) till they give us information.” He wrote on his Twitter.


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