Betty Kamya Puts Voters on Task


Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) presidential candidate Beti Kamya has asked voters to prove that they [Kamya during campaigns in Kyotera ] agitated for a Federal system of governament as indicated in the Benjamin Odoki and Professor Fredrick Sempebwa’s reports. Kamya said whereas the two reports showed that most Ugandans wanted ‘federo’, it was never taken seriously.

“We want to put it on record that a given percentage of Ugandans want the federal system of government. As the Uganda Federal Alliance we have set the ball rolling and it is now upon you to prove that the two reports were true,” Kamya said. She was addressing residents of Kalisizo, Nakatoogo and Kyotera at her campaign in Rakai district. Kamya said although she was competing with seven men, she was sure to emerge winner because she stood for a given cause of fronting federalism. She explained that since 1966, Ugandans and Buganda in particular have been crying for federo and voted for whoever promised to deliver it.

She added that at the beginning there was no arrangement to identify pro-federo voters, but this time UFA had solved that problem. “I believe women are more responsible when it comes to looking after children, welcoming guests and maintaining a home. Based on this background, I expect all votes to be cast in favour of Uganda Federal Alliance which is represented by the only woman in the race,” she added. She related federalism to a man who wanted to start a home with a wife. “If you want to start a home, you go out and look for a woman, the same procedure should be followed when we are looking forward to a federal state,” she said. Kamya said it would be a shame for people who chant federalism over the radio, in political rallies and other foras to vote for something else in the coming election.


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