Bebe Cool in Boston: The Show of the Year


It was the show of the year! Bebe Cool’s show at the French Club last Saturday was definitely a success.  The turn-out was strong, and the fans had nearly three hours of fun with the artist, unlike other shows we’ve had with musicians back home.  The organizer of the show, Ms. Hawah Ssebunya, gets an A+ for organizing such a wonderful show.  The M.C., Charles Muwavala, also gets high marks, from the smoothness of the event to the clear sound.

The Ugandan community in Boston loves Bebe Cool.

The evening began with Touch and Soul, a band from Boston headed by the son of the late Elly Wamala.  The DJ was largely excellent until the eleventh hour, when he made some strange comments that left fans puzzled.

But at exactly 11:05, the MC introduced Bebe Cool to the stage, and the crowd screamed.  Many people could not believe that he could walk and dance on his feet after the shootings earlier this year.

Bebe Cool thanked and praised the Touch and Soul band for their performance that night, and vowed that he would use the band every time he returns to Boston.  He also advised all musicians to support the band– and the crowd gave this large applause.

During the second part of the show,  DJ Jamo (also known as DJ Kasenge) played tune after tune, and the crowd kept screaming.  Everytime he stopped, the crowd would shout, then scream again when he would start playing.  It was really fun!

During the show, Bebe introduced his mother and wife Zuena, who had been seated in the back.  Before Zuena came on the stage, Bebe introduced his mother, and sung a number he composed for her.  Bebe said he missed her a great deal.  His mother could not stop tears of joy from rolling down her cheeks.  Then Zuena showed up at the stage, delighting the audience.

Men in the crowd began cheering “kale omusajja alina embooko,” literally meaning that Bebe has a beautiful wife.  Zuena thanked the people of Boston for welcoming them, and supporting her husband.  Finally, the Kasepiki song came on, and the crowd went crazy.  Zuena stood behind her husband as he blew the Kasepiki.  He sang the song twice, as fans called for more.

By12:45 am, almost everything ended as planned.  Then we had another show from DJ Jamo, who began by  thanking everyone who turned up that evening.  As a Luganda saying goes, “ku mbaga tekubula musiwuufu.”  After the DJ thanked everyone, he started yelling in the microphone at someone who wrote an article about an earlier Chameleone  show in Boston.

People couldnt believe that such words were coming from the DJ, who had had a nice night.  At some point, he even threatened to expose this writer that was in the crowd.  He even went on to compare his wedding with the person who had written that article, boasting that DJ Jamo had a more fantastic wedding than him.  DJ Jamo went on to warn that no writer that he can put him or her in, meaning that he has the power to put the reporter behind bars in Uganda .

At this time, a drunk man began yelling in Luganda, “leka baba wandikeko tukoye okutubba.” This means that they should write about you; we are tired of being cheated.  Then ladies began joking with chants of “bali tebamanyi nti nabasajja balina wolokoso,” or that they didn’t know that men also gossip.

Many people were puzzled as the DJ asked whether he should expose this guy, to which he got no answer.  The DJ’s show ended up being about seven minutes long.  It finally ended when one intoxicated woman yelled back at the DJ, and told him to keep quiet about those writing about him.  She added that he should be happy that people knew him, and which newspaper had ever composed a story about him,  apart from imposters.

As the DJ ended his speech, he promised the crowd to expose the journalist who covered the Chameleone performance.  But up to now, people are still trying to figure out what inspired the Dj to give such an uncalled speech. At 1 a.m., it was time to go home.

Despite entertainers threatening to take reporters out for unfavorable reviews, it was really a great night.  We haven’t seen anything like this in Boston this year! The fans just wanted more music.

And keep an eye on this page– you shouldn’t miss out if the DJ decides to expose the writer!

Geoffrey Nsereko is a Ugandan-American radio presenter based in Boston, Massachusetts.  He hosts a radio show on  It is called “Gyetuva ne Gyetulaga,” and airs on Wednesday from 5:00 pm EST and Sunday from 6:00 pm.  You can listen through the Radio Uganda Boston website here.


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