Atleast 4 People Dead in Fresh Bududa Landslides

Bududa Landslides

More than 30 people are feared dead in the fresh mudslides that hit Bududa district in Eastern Uganda this afternoon. The mudslides affected the two villages of Namasa and Naposhi all in Bushika Sub-county, Bududa district.

Justine Khainza, Bududa District Woman Member of Parliament told Xinhua by telephone that the landslides occurred at Bunabutiti in Manjiya County at around 16:30 local time.

“It’s very unfortunate. It’s estimated 10-15 people could have died in this afternoon landslide. The landslides swept away five houses in Bunabutiti,” said Khainza.

“So far one body has been recovered. We should be able to identify the exact number of the missing persons and those dead by tomorrow,” she added.

According to the local residents, a number of people are still buried in the soggy ground, and can hardly be accessed due to the shortage of personnel and equipment. The tragedy follows five hours of consistent and heavy rainfall, on Tuesday.

It has been established by the Uganda Today that floods swept into over 20 houses have and crop gardens. Mr Moses Lukuya, the chairman Namali village said they can hardly cross to their homes from work.

According to Watenga, although the Bududa District Police Commander dispatched a team to help with the rescue efforts, the officers have failed to cross to the affected areas because the roads are cut off. Most roads in district have also been water-logged, making movement rather difficult.


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