Juuju: Penis moves to thigh After Sleeping with Another Man’s Wife


If you think that juuju is not real, don’t dare read this! In this era of immorality, a lot happens in our society and you may wonder whether the world is coming to an end. A Man has been bewitched for sleeping with another man’s wife and the results of his actions are hard to believe.

Immorality has eaten the core of our society and the photo below is a clear evidence of that. How can you punish a fellow man with such a very unthinkable action? We have been left wondering and we are really puzzled. This is total African witch craft, this image has been going rounds in social media like wild fire and it seems its popularity is not dying very soon. The guy allegedly slept with someone’s wife, which lead to the rare occurrence. This story has attracted world attention and has been reported by the UK’s Daily Mail.

What happens after? His manhood moves to the thigh after the sweet moment!


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