Olavi Matovu’s Body Found After 36 Hours Of Search


The body of Olavi Matovu, who drowned on Sunday while at a boat cruise on Lake Victoria has been found after 36 hours of search.

The body was discovered 400 metres from the Munyonyo marina in a lagoon, coincidentally the same area he had disappeared.

Police said it was afloat the water with flesh swellings and a bit lighter than his presumed weight.

Olavi is a son to businessman Haji Yusuf Matovu, drowned over the weekend while at a boat cruise with his friends.

According to a man who was among the last people who saw him, Olavi decided to take a dip in the water at around 6:00pm by the boat and he suddenly disappeared in the water.

He said the deceased was a strong swimmer that he was known to do long distances on the lake sometimes hauling faulty jet skis along.

“He didn’t yell or wave frantically or fight, or anything. He just went down in a twinkle,” New Vision quotes the man.

The Police Marine Unit together with the Special Forces and air force soldiers found the body on Tuesday afternoon.

The body has been taken to Mulago Referral Hospital for further investigation by pathologists.

However, a preliminary investigation on the body by the police surgeons indicates that Matovu had external injuries on his body and a paper card fixed to his forehead.


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