NBS ‘Musono’ Presenter Attributes Fashion Success To God


Josephine Nakafeero is a journalist currently working as a presenter of a fashion show called Omusono at NBS TV. She last Friday held a successful Fashion runway at Sheraton Hotel where she got a huge turn up of audience. The fashion show dubbed the Fashion Runway Project also saw the launch of Silhoutte Fashion House. UGO talked to her about the event and this is what she had to say.

The event turned out a success, what was the trick behind?

GOD. I thank God for having given me such a big audience.

Weren’t you surprised by the audience’s turn up?

I was actually not surprised because I expected it. First of all, I’m a born again christian and a night before i was in church praying to God to give me a successful event. I expected it!


I also talked to the man of God prophet Samuel Kakande who prayed for me so that everything goes on well. He prayed for me and my project so I knew I had Jesus with me to work out miracles for me.

What inspired you to come up with such an event?

I drew my inspiration from Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks. Whenever i was in the hostel, i would go in front of my mirror and test myself. Being a Ugandan, I want to create a platform where fashion designers can showcase their talents and this is exactly what Fashion Runway Uganda is trying to do.

Your show was had several radio and TV personalities walking on the runway, how did you pull it off?

I was easier to convince them since I am in the media myself and they are my friends and colleagues.

Why Media personalities and not the usual models we are used to seeing at such events?

I chose media personalities because I wanted to give our fans something beyond ordinary runway. This is because in most cases, these are the people who inspire and influence the dressing patterns of many people. So I wanted to pass over the message to our fans that they too can look good in our outfits.

What is your message to the young fashionistas out there?

My message to the fashionistas out there is that, with God, all things are possible. Even when things seem so hard, keep pressing and never give up. That’s the only way you will achieve whatever you want.


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