National Water Suspends Disconnection of Water

NSWC Corona Virus

In a response to the need for free water by Ugandans during a lock down due to the situation of the Corona Virus Pandemic, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NSWC) has suspended all water disconnections within areas where it supplies its water.

Earlier alone, some Ugandans had requested the government of Uganda to provide free water during this trying moment. However the president of Uganda pointed out that they will address the need to waive the utility bills in a cabinet meeting.

As a response, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation has paused disconnecting Ugandans during the times of the lock down but it also urges customers to pay their water bills as usual so that they cannot accumulate heavy bills

The corporation has also urged Ugandans to use water sparingly so that the costs of operation can remain minimal.

Meanwhile, as a community responsibility the agency earlier alone setup water taps at several markets so that Ugandans can easily get water to wash their hands in a bid to control to spread of the Corona Virus.


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