Museveni Pardons 79 Prisoners

President Kaguta Museveni

President Museveni has pardoned and set free from prison at least 79 inmates including a Venezuelan national. Uganda Prisons Service spokesperson, Frank Baine, said Museveni forgave the inmates on medical and humanitarian grounds.

“In the exercise of the power vested in me under article 121 (1) (a) of the constitution of the Republic of Uganda, 1995 as mended and on the advice of the advisory committee on the prerogative of mercy, I hereby grant to the person below, on public health and humanitarian grounds,” Museveni states the communication.

Out of the 79 inmates, eight are from Fort Portal prisons and these include; Deborah Kyakimwa, Mary Ithungu, Karim Abdul, Robert Mugisa, Emmanuel Masereka, Philimon Barijwaha, Eriya Byaruhanga and Kyaligonza.

Five inmates have been released from Mbale prison including; Peter Musana, Ronald Masjero, Paul Mashika, Jespa Anywa and Amos Mugudwa. Masindi prisons have also had five prisoners set free and these include; Sunday Okot, Adidas Muwanguzi, Francis Okum and Kenneth Busobozi.

Museveni has also released inmates from Isimba; Tera Zimonia, Dennis Kayongo, Brian Atwine and Agus Swaibu. UPDF soldier Pte Awany James and police corporal Sabiot Herbertson have also been released.

This is one of the smallest number of inmates Museveni has pardoned. In 2020, he pardoned 883 prisoners. However, Baine did not reveal the offences the pardoned inmates had been convicted and sentenced for.

President Museveni as the head of state is the only person with the powers to pardon inmates. Museveni has been pardoning prisoners normally at the end or start of the year. The latest document shows Museveni set free the 79 inmates on January 3rd but prisons was still processing their release documents.

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