Court Adjourns Dr. Kizza Besigye’s Case


Court has adjourned Dr Besigye’s case in which the state is accusing him of failing to comply with a lawful order that culminated in walk to work protest, two months ago. The trial Magistrate, James Eremye adjourned the hearing to July 13 for the second time in as many months.

The Magistrate agreed with the state’s prosecutor, Gladys Nyanzi , that the case cannot proceed because key witnesses were not available.

“It is clear that the witnesses have not been summoned although efforts have been done,” Mr Eremye said. “

“But because the witnesses are police officers, they can be got through their institution. For the interest of justice and without prejudicing the matter, after listening to the submissions of both counsels I adjourned this matter to July 13.”

However, Dr Besigye’s Counsel, Mr David Mpanga pleaded for dismissal of the case arguing that without witnesses the court has the jurisdiction to dismiss the matter. He also brought courts attention to the inconvenience Dr Besigye faces each time the state fails to produce key witnesses

Dr Besigye used his car unlike the previous sessions to the court from his home located about 2km away appeared before court for trial but the case was extended.


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