Museveni Clarifies on New Covid 19 Guidelines


President Yoweri Museveni has made clarifications on the guidelines following his speech made on 19-05-2020.
Here is the summary of the guidelines that were put in place;

1. Shops for general merchandise to open. Non-food traders not allowed in the food markets.

2. Women traders that have been sleeping in markets to go back home.

3. Public transport will resume after proper preparation. Each to carry half-load (50%). The bicycle is the best transport alternative. The bodabodas and the Tuk-Tuk’s not to carry passengers. Even when public transport is allowed, it will not be allowed for the 40 border districts out of the 135 districts in Uganda.

4. The bars, gyms, night-clubs, salons, saunas not to open for now, for they are difficult to maintain social distance. In-house gyms are encouraged.

5. On education systems, we are to open for the finalists only.

6. Hotels and food restaurants are to open as long as social distancing and SOPs are adhered to.

7. Private cars to be used as long those in are less than 3 people, with the driver inclusive.
_*The question is, when do they start?*

  • The shops, hotels, etc. can start on the 26th of May. The underlying strategy, save for distancing, is the use of masks. Those who can get the right masks, they can be used.
  • For public transport, they should open on the 4th of June. During this time, the authorities will ensure that all the requirements (masks) are in order.
  • Educational institutions (catering for finalists) to open on the 4th of June too.
    •  Private cars will be allowed to move on the 26th May. This is to allow for adequate preparation.
  • For border districts, neither the public nor private transport allowed. This is to prevent external infiltration.
  • Students (finalists) from the border districts, those not local, the ministry of education will make special plans to transport these students.


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