Mao Signs Cooperation Agreement between DP and NRM


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni meets and signs a Cooperation Agreement with DP’s Norbert Mao.
The occasion was graced by both parties’ Secretary General (Richard Tadwongo and Gerald Silanda Blacks) and his (M7’s) family lawyer and son-in-law Karugyire.

“I will never be bought with money and I can never join the government and leave my party behind,”~ DP president Norbert Mao on March 6, 2022.

Yesterday [July 20, 2022] Mao signed a ‘cooperation agreement’ with the NRM. “We’ve signed it in good faith”

“I met with Democratic Party President Norbert Mao at State House Entebbe. We signed a cooperation agreement between the NRM and the DP. I salute the DP leadership for this gesture of mature, foresighted and constructive politics.” President Museveni


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