Former MP Aspirant Arrested planting Charms at CJ Owiny Dollo Home


Dropped presidential advisor for Northern Uganda, Abalo Lillian was On Monday Morning caught red-handed planting witchcraft Charms at the home of the Chief Justice Owiny Odollo in agago District.
The accused Argues that she was lured in the shameful act by an anonymous Boy she met from Kampala. The Boy is on the run and all his known contacts switched off.

Former aspirant for woman member of Parliament Agago Lillian Abalo Ongom arrested in the wee hour of today Tuesday for witchcraft practice at the home of Chief Justice Owiny Dollo Chigamoi, currently detain at CPS Patongo , Agago on charges of criminal Trespass.
Unconfirmed reports indicate that the suspect is a presidential advisor.


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