Thailand 30-Years-Aged Man Chops Off Own Genitals


Crazy things happen her and there around the globe and what we have for you today is the bizarre act of a Thailand Man chopping off own genitals while watching X-rated video.

Reports have it that a one Whisanu Srisanao, aged 30 is currently nursing serious injuries at Navamin 9 Hospital after he sliced his genitals with a knife.

According to Paramedics who responded to his distress, Srisanao claimed he was watching the blue movie on his smartphone before the footage sent him into a frenzy to start slicing the skin from his genitals. However, the moment when blood started gushing out uncontrollably, he panicked and attempted to control it before calling paramedics for help. Uhmmm!!

“He kept on saying that he was watching porn, ‘I was watching porn’ before blaming the videos for making him get too excited.

He would not say anything more or tell us more details…” one of the medics that came for his rescue revealed.

He was later recovered holding his bloodied genitals on the fourth floor apartment complex in the Khet Nong Chok district of Bangkok and given first aid before rushing him to the hospital.

Meanwhile, doctors say that Srisanao will be released from the hospital soon.


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