Review: ‘Komawo’ – Navio ft Joanita Kawalya


‘Komawo’ is so far the biggest song collaboration that has happened to Ugandan music industry in a long time. ‘Komawo’ brings two legends together Navio and Joanita who sing two very different music genres, Hip-hop and One Beat (Kadongo Kamu) respectively.

This is a great song, Joanita Kawalya gives ‘Komawo‘ introduction an attractive vocal tune in Luganda (Mwaana wange Navio) that reminds one of the famous Afrigo band tunes thinking it is one of the Luganda songs. It is just until Navio joins in with impressive strong vocal English rap answering to Joanita then he takes us through his music career.

In ‘Komawo’, Joanita is calling out to Navio to come back home, he’s done enough in the music industry and should never forget where he came from. Navio in reply talks of his legendary journey, from Klear Kut to an international Hip-hop star who has traveled the world and has had a whole music experience.

The lyrics of ‘Komawo’ are original and inspiring. There’s a part Joanita talks of how Navio started singing “his style” of music (Hip-hop) and people wouldn’t understand, later on rhyme with his songs. This is so true of Ugandan fans, Hip-hop is still a crawling child that has not yet started walking but the likes of Navio, The Mith, JB, Ruyonga, GNL to mention but a few have lived to teach the child how to walk. Today, we see Navio pulling the same crowd as Bobi Wine who’s music Ugandans most identify with.

The video did the song even more justice! The first 5 seconds summarize Navio’s limelight as a rapper, large concerts, posh rides, media all over him and then his record label Navcorp logo. He is escorted from the airport to Joanita’s home (acting mother) where she is impatiently waiting for him to arrive.

Most interesting part of the video is seeing Joanita Kawalya nodding to the well shaped melodies and dancing to the rather funky beats. Navio concludes with thanking Klear Kut and mentioning that he’ll never forget where he came from, Rubaga, so significant to the church.

The biggest strength of the song ‘Komawo’ besides the unbeatable legends is the lyrics, it’s a legendary experience.

Song: Komawo

Album: Pride

Artist: Navio Ft Joanita Kawalya


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