Government to Spend $100m To Boost Tourism Industry


With the support from the World Bank, the government of Uganda is to embark on a 5 year project worthy $100m (Est 248bn ugshs) to boost the Tourism industry and the private sector.

The project which will be implemented under the Competitive and Investment Climate Strategy (CICS) funded by the World Bank. The National Coordinator, Dr. Peter Ngategize said the project aims at addressing issues that are geared towards improving the business environment in different sectors. He added that the project focuses on five components including; supporting the modernization of business licensing and registration to allow efficient operations in the private sector.

They intend to promote tourism through modernizing Hotel and Training Institute in Jinja. Other components include a matching grant meant to support other enterprises like agriculture to promote value addition and improve the capacity to offer quality services to easily compete at the international market.


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