Koffi Olamidde In Town!


Congolese Music legend, Koffi Olamidde has Thursday jetted into the country.

Koffi Olomide is set to perform at the Lugogo cricket oval in Kampala, Uganda, on April 25 thanks to the Rotary International Uganda that is behind his coming to the country.

The proceeds from the show will be used to build a new blood bank at Mengo hospital.

The musician known mainly in Uganda for his waist wiggling ladies and men, as seen in most of his videos, is expected to performed some of his classics like; Effrakata, Cle Boa, Lovemycine,Diabolos, Grand Pretre Mere and Soupou, among others.

Olomide started music in the early 80′s with Papa Wemba musical, viva la musica. He has trained many young musicians some of whom have since left his Quartier Latin band and gone solo while a few are still sticking with him.

Some of those who have left are Fele Mudogo, Sam Tshintu, Suzuki 4×4, Soleil Wanga, Fally Ipupa,Montana Kamenga, Ferre Gola and are so far doing fairly well on their own.

Olomide’s album Haut de Gamme: Koweït, Rive Gauche is listed in 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

For his effort, Effrakata, released in 2001-2002, Koffi received four Kora Awards on a single night at the annual Kora Awards in South Africa for 2002 and 2003, including the award for Best African Artist, which he had earlier won in 1998. More recently, he has won the Kora Award for “Best African Artist of The Decade”.

The other musicians to perform along Olamidde are Jose Chameleon and Juliana among others.


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