Speaker Kadaga Warns Parliament Clerks


By Jumah Nsubuga

The speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has warned parliament Clerks for delaying and sabotage committee business. Kadaga was at the official opening of the retreat of the new committee chairpersons, their deputies, commissioners and support stuff at Imperial Resort Beach Entebbe. She says, Clerks have a habit of making themselves absent which paralyses the committees’ business.

“I really want to warn all Clerks at parliament to pull up their socks while doing parliament work. Iam wondering why Clerks mark themselves absent at the time the committee is supposed to seat and handle parliament work”

“This habit should immediately be stopped” She said

She also warned the committee bosses for spending a lot of time without presenting reports to parliament. “This system of spending too much time in study visits should also stop since committees fails to present reports in parliament .I appeal to all committee bosses and their Clerk’s to corporate and improve the work of the committee” She said.

The former leader of the opposition, Nandala Mafabi, also accused Clerk’s for producing bad reports.

“Madam Speaker I would like to inform you that whenever poor quality reports are presented before parliament just know that it was produced by a Clerk without the knowledge of the chairperson.

Meanwhile the deputy speaker of parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, also attacked parliament Clerk’s for having political ambitions while doing parliament work. “These people you see do it deliberately to fail members because some of them want to stand against them” Oulanyah said.


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