Frank Gashumba Takes A Dig At The NRM Party

The ‘Sisimuka Uganda’ proprietor Frank Gashumba has today aimed a dig at the NRM Party in a facebook post. First things first, Gashumba first expressed his happiness in the introduction of his long harsh facebook post to the NRM, National Resistance Movement, Party.
In a very long post, the father of one claimed to have predicted the 2021 general elections 90% right – and perhaps it’s his source of happiness he was talking about.
Gashumba claimed that the political wave that swept Buganda is a clear indication how M7 (NRM owner) and his keens have betrayed Buganda (Baganda) – the same people who spoon-fed them for five years in a war that cost over 500,000 innocent Ugandans their lives in Luweero – a Buganda town.
Gashumba further asserted that no area sacrificed more for president Museveni and benefited less than the Baganda, which he prophesies to have been the reason as to why NRM lost immensely in Buganda during the past elections.
Below is however his full post:
Frank M.Gashumba
Sisimuka Uganda
I am glad to say that 90% of what I predicted in the 2021 “General selections” (elections) came to pass!
When we started Sisimuka Uganda years ago, many of you called us names and others rubbished us! What many people don’t realize that our day-to-day work under Sisimuka Uganda has given us a better understand and grasp of the pain and anger that many of the young and the ordinary Ugandan goes experiences on a daily.
The political wave that swept Buganda is a clear indication how M7 and his keens have betrayed Buganda; the same Buganda that spoon-fed NRA for five years, in a war that cost over 500,000 innocent Ugandans their lives in Luweero.
No area sacrificed for M7 like Buganda and no area has benefitted less like Buganda; actually, anybody who voted for the NRM in Buganda needs a mental check-up. NRM vampires are simply users who have no right to condemn tribalism and nepotism because they are the epitome of tribalism and nepotism – nobody knows you better than I do.
Let anyone in Government show me one tangible project that’s based in Luweero. The factories that exist in that area have been set up by the Chinese who are massively exploiting our cheap labor.
In this 21st century, these Chinese pay these poor Ugandans a salary of just UGX100,000 ($30) a month!
All the while, these vampires in Government live a life of royals in Saudi Arabia.
Pardon my French but you’re exclusively stupid! And you better keep your eyes wide open because this revolution has just started.
Starting from tomorrow, I’m going to show you why NRM and its vampires are going to collapse.
Sisimuka Uganda – NAAU
Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
Changing Mindsets, Creating Self belief, Transforming lives and Communities.
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