Priest Drags Chameleone To Court Over Failure To Turn Up For A Show


Mitala Malia Church’s Priest, Father Edward Bwanika has dragged celebrated Afro-beat singer Jose Chameleon to court over failing to turn up for the show yet he had been paid.

t is reported that Chameleone was paid by Father Edward to perform at the grand opening of his new beach, Heart Beat but the singer was out of sight on the last day.

Edward alleges that the singer was fully paid prior to the final day with payments being made in installments.

According to Bukedde, a luganda newspaper, Chameleone was first paid a sum of Shs1 million and Chameleone’s manager, Robert Jackson Nkuhe also known as Mutima.

Edward adds that he later added him Shs2 million before adding him Shs1 million on the last day, bringing the sum to Shs4 million.

However, even after the payments, Chameleone put a conditionality that he was to perform only if a modern stage and equipments were in place.

Edward alleges that given that fact that he wanted Chameleone to perform at his beach, he dished Shs10 million into the equipment the singer had requested for.

When everything was in place, Edward adds that Chameleone still asked for an extra Shs200,000 as transport fuel to go check the stage and sound system if it fitted the one he had asked for.

He was given this but still he didn’t turn up which made revelers who had turned up for the show threaten to damage Edward’s properties if the singer never showed up.

Edward rushed to police and with the help of the police, he managed to protect his property but says he has instructed his lawyers to take legal measure against the Bayuda singer.

He wants Chameleone to pay back all the money he gave him, that he spent on the modern equipments and security to protect his property from the angry revelers.


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