AKENA’S MURDER: Kanyamunyu Family Speaks Out


In a missive addressed to his family and friends, PR guru, Joseph Kanyamunyu, who is most remembered for his public relations role at Airtel and H&K, has spoken out in defense of his brother Mathew Kanyamunyu who is believed to have shot and killed a one Kenneth Akena Macmot on Saturday.

Reports indicate that Mathew shot and killed Kenneth following a parking scuffle at Forest Mall parking lot in Lugogo, Kampala. Apparently Kenneth while parking his car scratched Mathew’s car something that irritated Mathew.

The reports suggest that an angry Mathew, who was in the company of a one Cynthia, drew his gun and shot Kenneth in the belly before attempting to save his life by rushing him to Nakasero Hospital and later transferring the dying Kenneth to Norvik Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Below we reproduce Joseph Kanyamunyu’s missive which partly narrates what transpired at Forest Mall, at the hospital and the eventual death of Kenneth.

Family, friends, first of all my heart and prayers are with you when we all endure through this very difficult time.

I’d like retaliate against the negative social media conversations regarding the Shooting that led to the death of the late Kenneth Akena and we wish to clarify that what has been posted lacks substantiated facts, is incorrect, misleading and that at no time has it been confirmed that Mathew actually shot Kenneth Akena. Mathew has been very collaborative in assisting the Police with all inquiries. I know Matthew, Cynthia and every reason to believe in their innocence and i am sure that when all the facts are out, their names will be cleared.

Further on, sifting through the facts, i now have a good reason to believe that the same bullet that took the life of Kenneth Akena could have actually been prepared for Mathew or his lovely girlfriend Cynthia Munangwari who was also in the car. First and fore most it’s no secret that Cynthia and her family are being politically persecuted in her country and for a long time now have spotted assailants following her around, who we believe could have made an attempt on her life this time round. Her Auntie Hon. Hafsa Mossi an MP in the East African parliament was recently gunned down in Burundi, her sweet brother recently succumbed to nine bullets and he survived not forgetting all the others who continue to suffer political persecution wherever they are. Shouldn’t we be reaching our hearts out than furthering their hurt and pain? My message to Cynthia right now is “ We love you and we will protect you as our own so please take heart and be strong during this tough but temporary inconvenience”.

It’s important to note that after the shooting incidence Mathew offered to drive kenneth to Nakasero Hospital and subsequently proceeded to Wandegeya Police. That same night working together with the family of Kenneth (Jordan), we took responsibility to monitor his condition in Nakasero Hospital and later at Norvik Hospital where he had been transferred because Nakasero hospital ICU was reportedly full and could not take any more patients. We left Norvik Hospital but kept in touch with Jordan until a time he announced to us on phone that Ken didn’t make it through the following morning. Our hearts and prayers are now with the family and friends of the late Kenneth Akena. RIP

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that a cross section of media who brought such claims are not acting in the interests of either parties but are acting in their individual capacities. We do accept and respect the independence of the media, coupled with fair and balanced journalism. We shall appreciate any efforts to clarify this information to the public and clear the speculation that has since arisen.


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