Chris Evans Gives Rema 5 days to apologize publicly for disrespect on her valentines show


The Rema and Chris Evans saga on the ‘clear’ singer’s valentine show at Hotel Africana has been trending on social media throughout the weekend. To take a recap, Rema staged a very successful concert on the valentines day at Hotel Africana, where a number of artists, particularly those she has done collabos with, escorted her. Among them included ykee benda, b2c and chris evans.

However, the highlight of Rema’s concert was when Kenzo’s ex welcomed Chris Evans on stage. Prior to his performance, the ‘sibinene’ singer was addressed by Rema herself in a very joking fashion. On welcoming Chris Evans on stage, Rema first joked on him.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me welcome a very good friend of mine, he is the most disciplined musician that i know. He was hammered ten times on his head and still survived. He even has no girlf tonight, so if you’re there lonely, he is free. Ladies and gentlemen allow me welcome Chris Evans”, Rema invited Chris Evans.

The two performed their duet ‘Linda’ and when it turned to Evans’ part, he mentioned the name of Eddy Kenzo while singing. ”This is how Kenzo said to Rema ”(Evans sings his verses)”. This wasn’t received nicely by Rema as he grabbed Evans and tried to pull him off stage. Evans then begged Rema to forgive him which she did and allowed Evans to continue with his performance.

Hilariously, Chris Evans has today come out and asked Rema to give him an official public apology for disrespecting and demeaning him while performing on her concert. Evans stressed that they both joked on each other but he was surprised to see Rema losing her control out of just a mere joke.

Evans says that he heard Rema making fun out of him which he didn’t take serious because he knows jokes bring a great vibe in revelers and that’s why he also joked by mentioning Eddy Kenzo’s name which he says he didn’t mean to hurt her. Lastly, Chris Evans has asked Rema to apologize to him publicly for disrespecting him yet he had come to support her on her concert.


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