Stop Pressurizing Musicians To Donate During Lockdown – Kenzo


The Big Talent Boss, Eddy Kenzo, has come out to defend himself and his fellow Uganda musicians as to why they don’t give back to their fans. The ‘tweyagale’ hit maker laments that it is evident that he has lost a lot of money due to this corona virus pandemic and so people should stop pressurizing him to donate as he is really badly off, financially.

The singer claims that he had already paid 30 Million Uganda shillings for the venue (Kololo Airstrip) where his much-anticipated ”Eddy Kenzo festival” was to take place from and that he had also paid visa for all the international artists who were to attend his festival as well as paying for the several adverts, thus swimming in losses now.

The singer also defends the other musicians who have not donated saying that they really go through a lot of difficulties to compose the songs that the fans keep on enjoying every second but earn less which has made them also to suffer in this quarantine as some don’t have even a single coin to buy what to eat. He says that music is really very fundamental in this everyday life but it’s a pity that the people making that music are really broke and therefore they have no money to give back to the people.

Eddy Kenzo concluded by saying that it’s largely the responsibility of politicians to help people during this trying time because they even earn a lot of money other than Ugandans pressurizing the musicians.


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