Nasty: Don Zella Shares Pictures of Herself Humping a Man On Social Media

Being a socialite is one of the most ‘headache-causing’ thing as you have to try different things to keep relevant. We have seen many doing nasty things to make sure that their followers don’t turn an eye away from them including going nude and having live-sex online.

Last year, we had socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black having live sex with a Caucasian man on Snapchat and guess what? We now have the aging and fading one and only Nalongo Don Zella. Her love for attention has been taken to another level.

The mother of Singer Big Eye’s kid recently released photos of herself humping an unidentified man shamelessly on her Social media.

Though not much of her flesh is seen in the Photos, the nasty snaps have attracted criticism among the fans who think that her body is worn out and no longer a type to be displayed.

This comes after only one week when this ‘younger age lover’ paraded photos of her worn-out body in a bikini and still remembered to have leaked her nudes some years back.

We got some photos for you here:

Nalongo Don Zella nudes

Nalongo Don Zella nudes



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