Who is Honey Suleman, the Woman in Jack Pemba Sextape?


Recently, the Internet was frozen after the leak of Jack Pemba’s Sextape with a fine Lady identified in media as Honey Suleman. Though the nasty tape was about a renowned city socialite cum businessman, more attention to it came from Suleman who was in a clear view to the public.

Many that gotten a chance of watching the X-rated video not only praised the beauty of Pemba’s side queen, but also her bedroom skills. The way she wiggled her waist amidst lustful moans made many men wanting to know more about her. Today, we bring you some of the details about Pemba sextape beauty queen who gained internet popularity in seconds.

Honey Suleman’s Background

Jack Pemba and Honey Suleman
Jack Pemba and Honey Suleman during their Hey days

Her real names are Salama Suleman and was born on 5th May 1996. This means that she is soon making 22 years not 24 as earlier reported by media. Suleman was raised in Jinja town along Nizam Road in a family of five and she is one of the many daughters of the Late Suleman who was of mixed race with an Arabic descent.

Education and Work

Honey Suleman
Honey Suleman Salaama

Honey Suleman attended St James Jinja SS for her secondary school and she is a beautician by profession.

Due to her love for art and beauty, she ventured in a mobile make-up and massage parlor identified as Sasha Cossets last year (2017).

Salama also works at her sister’s online shop based in UK to deliver Muslim and kids outfits in Uganda.

How She met Jack Pemba?

Honey says that she met him in 2015, late September in a place in Kampala, next to the pace where he used to stay.

I met him at a 24/7 restaurant when he was walking out, and he said Hi to me. I was 19 and I was from boarding school. On his way out he asked me, can I buy you something to eat and your friends? I said okay, and I sat with him and we was really nice. He gave me his card and asked me to call him. I promised I would call him, but when I reached home , I was hesitant to call. My friends told me told me to call him back, saying that he is a good guy.” She revealed during an exclusive interview with the telescope.

This is what we managed to get for you for now, keep posted for more updates from your top celebrities.

However, for more Info regarding her reactions after the leak of her private video. Read Here:


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