Allegedly Dorothy Shonga ’s X-rated Pics, Video Leaked


A lot has been going on between the Shonga’s. From relationship matters to work place ownership and now finally to bedroom secrets. An

allegedly X-rated video and Bedroom photos for Dorothy Shonga has been leaked and is currently doing rounds on social media platformsn faster than Usain Bolt.

The video sextape is said to have been allegedly leaked by Dorothy’s husband Herbert Shonga following the bitter split they have just had recently over infedality and Club Lounge ownership issues.

The couple became a social concern in late 2016 after they started splashing money like no one cares, throwing a luxurious engagement party and holding a very expensive wedding.

Shonga’s Photos

In the beginning it was private bedroom photos that were released by unknown people with yet to be identified reasons. They show Dorothy while busy in a room making romantic moves to a certain guy who happens not be her known husband Herbert.

However, Herbert has come out to verify all these photos and video not real. He Claims they were photo-shopped by a jealousy woman back in 2015 who wanted Dorothy Shonga to leave her husband. He adds on that it is this woman who instead photo shopped Dorothy with her guy in order to blackmail her.

Shonga’s Video

This video shows alleged Dorothy Shonga laying on the bed, feeling her body and romancing her self in the nether regions. The mother and business woman then spills it all out when she pulls off the pink knickers before putting the Bearded meat in a clear close-up view for the camera and the one the video was meant for at first.

Because of our privacy policy and respect for our readers, we can’t publish the images and video here. However, if you insist you wan to watch, click here..


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