Mbuga Tells URA: You Are Not Above The Law


What would you do when you are wanted over a debt amounting to over Shs200million? The answer is that you would most probably go into hiding!

But not city tycoon Suleiman Mbuga Kabangala. Following the botched attempt by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to confiscate his expensive cars, the youthful tycoon went to Facebook to issue a warning.

“This is Uganda, a country of authority but no one is above the law. Let the game begin.” The message posted shortly after URA enforces stormed his home but it seems he was aware of the move prior to their coming.

He had moved the vehicles away from his home.

This is one of the methods that URA uses against tax defaulters. This was the same method used against singer Jose Chameleone when his escalade was confiscated in March over a tax debt of Shs42million.

He got back his car a month later after clearing his debt while others like Iryn Namubiru just left their cars to the tax body for good since they haven’t gone to secure them. it is coming to over a year since they were confiscated.

However, unlike his counterparts, Mbuga’s case has been taken beyond cars. The tax collection body has slapped the South Africa based businessman with a travel ban.

The body claims the decision was reached after Mbuga’s failure to clear his income tax amounting to Shs219million.

According to a statement issued Tuesday, URA says that between 2011-12, Mbuga did not file an income tax return as required by law. According his estimated tax assessment was raised in November 2013 and he was supposed to pay Shs192,241, 900, an amount which was to be paid by January.

URA adds that Mbuga issued a cheque of Shs100million to the body and another with Shs119million.

However, the latter is said to have bounced. They further say they have tried several times to reach him but have failed, leaving URA with one option; slapping a travel ban against him.


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