Baboon Forest & Nsimbi in Inaugural ‘Uganda Yaffe’ Festival Tonight


The first edition of the ‘Uganda Yaffe’ online event is set to happen today as confirmed by organizers, Baboon Forest Entertainment that have partnered with Nsimbi (GNL Zamba and Wife Miriam Tamar).

The 90-minute free online show will be celebrating the cultures and people of Uganda. Don’t miss performances from artists including luga flow legend GNL Zamba with his wife Miriam Tamar, Isaiah Katumwa, Suzan Kerunen, Kinobe from Washington DC, Nylah Abitimo-Jones from UK among others.

GNL Zamba with Wife Tamar

The show is set to stream live on Facebook and YouTube starting at 9:30 pm.

The show will also feature a youth project presentation of the famous ‘Uganda Yaffe’ song remixed by Baru and GNL to feature new-generation artists like Fresh Kid, Tuarus, Prolific, Maxi, Joyie 7 star, and Kadabrah. This will be the official release of the video of the song that highlights Uganda’s rich culture and diversity while bringing people together to celebrate what makes Uganda so unique


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