The Truth About Gravity Omutujju Kissing Spice Diana Picture


As the picture of the ‘Black Panther’ singer Gravity Omutujju snogging fellow musician Hajarah Namukwaya popularly known as Spice Diana is going viral on the internet, a lot of philosophies behind it have emerged. The most trending one is that the two might have been secretly dating and are so much deep in love of recent.

With the two having been reluctant to talk about the picture, their silence nails in it all.

However, as the rumor is still spreading like wild fire, we have the truth about it. Why, where and when it was taken. Is the dating rumor any thing to go by? Just keep reading.

According to our sharp stinged undercover bees, the two have a song together which they are trying to promote.

The pictures are believed to have been taken during the video shoot for the song that we only know about its name, ‘Sembera’ that was recorded months ago.

They continue to reveal that the song was not released because the two fell out as Gravity wasn’t happy when Spice Diana worked with his nemesis, Feffe Bussi, on the ‘Sente Za Kameza’ song.

Meanwhile, recent on the desk is that the two have now ironed out their differences for the sake of their collabo and we are soon about to get a feel of it.


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