Azziad Nasenya Turns 20 With a Motivational Post


Kenyan tit-tok star, Azziad Nasenya – known for the eye-catching dances she exhibited in her recent tik-tok video (dancing to ‘Utawezana’ song of Femi One Mejja) that went viral and absolutely catapulted her career, thus becoming more famous across East Africa.

The ever smiling tik-tok queen was born on the 16th/June/2020, meaning she will be turning 20 years of life on earth, tomorrow.

She has however, decided to celebrate her birthday with an heartening and motivational post that talks about the hurdles she has met through out her career so far – besides the fact she’s still new in the limelight. Below is her facebook post, she dubbed ”THE UNTOLD STORY”, where she urges her fans and devote followers never at one point to quit regardless of how tough things would be:

Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to be on the screen. This is still the dream that I am working to pursue.

All the way from Primary my teachers were able to spot my talents even before I did and I guess that gave me a lot of psyche and determination to keep on keeping on.
I have never been a quitter..not that Iam perfect, no. I am still struggling to find my right path..but one thing I was taught is to always be a fighter…and I believe that has helped me achieve the little success that is coming my way.

‘She is overrated’, they say. ‘She ain’t talented’, they add. ‘She will wear off’, some pray, and many more that I may not be able to quote… I’ve cried myself to sleep ..tossing and turning each Night asking The Almighty what I had done to deserve all this only 19 seeing and asking how cruel the world could be against an innocent soul…but after several days of darkness and blaming myself and doubt..I wiped the tears and decided that it’s time to work.

Those same words that were thrown my way gave me motivation to work Harder and God gave me the strength to push even further.

Well, here I am, turning 20 this Tuesday 16th and still living that old dream I had since I was a kid. #Azziad20

I have not gotten there but my journey just started😍🙏🏽 Your dreams are valid don’t you ever give up.”, she concluded.



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