Western Union Pays Tribute to COVID-19 Responders

Western Union

Western Union, a leader in cross-border; cross-currency money movement and payments on Monday 18, May 2020, announced a 50 percent fee reduction for front-line responders and essential workers sending money globally via any of the company’s digital channels for the next two weeks.

The promotion is a small tribute by the company to these custom ers for their endless commitment to their local communities and dedication to maintain the intra structure and resources necessary to keep local economies afloat.

More than 65 percent of global citizens working and living across the world occupy roles as first responders or in essential service industries, according to Western Union’s business intelligence.

These global citizens indexed high in such roles across major countries: 63 percent in the US; 67 percent in the UK, 68 percent in France; 70 percent in Germany, 62 percent in Australia: 58 percent in the UAE and 71 percent in Saudi Arabia.

“Many of the world’s frontline or essential workers are global citizens who regularly send money to loved ones back home said Western Union President and CEO Hikmet Ersek. “At Western Union, our inspiration comes from our customers who trust us with their hard-earned money. We want to acknowledge their dedication to keeping remittances moving to the communities and economies around the world that depend on them the most and support them as they continue promoting the health and safety of the communi ties around them.”

“In Uganda, remittances an extremely important part of the economy for the community here, remittances are often a lifeline, the reduction in fees for frontline and essential workers around the world should help receivers locally in Uganda as they face the current pandemic, “Jason Nass, Regional Director, East Africa Western Union.


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