Government to Launch APEX Platform for Public Policy & Executive Oversight Forum

Apex Platform

Through the Ministry of Economic monitoring which is mandate to improve policy development & implementation across Government of Uganda, the Ministry is to introduce a new Executive Oversight Platform code named the “Apex Platform”.

The performance of oversight function, numerous bottlenecks like absence of effective functional & structural efficiencies needed to achieve lasting results in delivery of public programmes & projects were noted. This vacuum necessitated the establishment of The Apex Platform.

The Apex Platform that will be chaired by H.E Kaguta Museveni, & key stakeholders in Public Investment Management Executive, Oversight mechanism seeking the uptake of what works, learning from what doesn’t & taking decisions based on evidence for effective Public Policy Management.

According to the Ministry, the fish analogy framework explains how public projects are conceptualized, designed, implemented & how results analysis is conducted at each stage. The Apex Platform will be at the tail end of the fish for effective appreciation of evidence based intervention results.

Apex Platform seeks to;

  • Strengthen oversight role of Presidency, Create an avenue where non-state actors contribute to Public Policy Management & Accountability
  • Establish a data bank showing drivers of success & failure in implementation of development interventions.

Economic monitoring Ministry hopes; If well executed, lessons learned during reviews and evaluation under the Apex Platform will shape reforms for continuous improvement towards the realization of the National Development Plans and Uganda’s Vision 2040.

Minister Molly Kamukama whom is the current Minister for Economic Monitoring in president’s office applouds the Ministry and said, “I’m glad to be spearheading a team that is tirelessly working towards improved management of interventions in Uganda’s socio-economic transformation journey.

The Apex Platform will no doubt greatly improve the quality of service delivery to our citizenry.”


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