Rema Namakula and Dr Hamza Paint Murchison Falls Park Red

Last week, Rema Namakula and Dr Hamza Sebunya legalised their union romantically as the former introduced her new catch to her family in a colorful ceremony that was held at Maya in Wakiso District.

The over-hyped ceremony was attended by a number of guests including recognized city tycoons and celebrities from the Ugandan music industry.

Like married couples, the couple has decided to celebrate the new step in their relationship, by going on what would be a honeymoon holiday. Pictures of the couple enjoying a vacation in Murchison Falls National Park are spreading like wild fires on the social media as the couple enjoy a romantic holiday in Murchison Falls National Park, one of Uganda’s most popular national parks.

Murchison Falls National Park is loved by celebrities. From the historic royal families that visited the park since the 1950s to explorers, this wild side of Uganda is a favorite for the newly weds as well as those who would like to hold weddings in the wild.

“Rema and Hamza have painted the Murchison Falls Conservation Area red as they went out for a number of adventure activities in the park including a game drive through the savanna plains to see some wildlife. They also enjoyed a 3 hour boat ride along the River Nile to view the spectacular Murchison Falls and also hiked to the top of the world’s greatest waterfall.

The pair first slept at the popular Paraa Safari Lodge and then after stayed a night at the luxurious Chobe Lodge, a place where the celebrity couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian also stayed during their visit to Uganda.

They have indeed enjoyed life to the fullest and we wish them the best!


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