Tips for safe parking of self drive car hire Uganda


When you hire a car in Uganda for self drive, take full responsibility of it. In case of anything that happens to the car, you’re accounted for it. So you have to be cautious of where to park the car you have hired. You never know what might happen because it might be stolen, damaged or knocked. The latter problems may lead to spending more than what you expected on your Uganda car rental experience.

So these are some of the tips for safe parking of self drive car hire Uganda

Park in easily visible area

Parking a car in a dark area makes the car hire prone to danger. The car placed in isolated place may get dents and scratches and you may never know who caused them. the worst case scenario is that some parts of the car may be stolen for example the lights, mirrors or the car itself.  Henceforth you are advised to park the car in areas where it can be visibly seen with ease.

Do not park in narrow and on busy streets

– the car will be more prone to accidents. The chances of getting dents and scratches are very high from lousy people who may be passing by near the car. It is commendable to park a car in a less congested area.

Make sure all doors are locked as you park the car:

this is to keep your belongings inside safe. There are always thugs moving around the parking lots to take advantage of the situation of unlocked cars to steal valuables inside them.

Always park a car in less heated areas or avoid parking a car under direct sun. This is done to avoid the car from burning or even exploding due to the overheating of the engine.

Always park in authorized places

– This is to avoid you from getting unwanted fines from the traffic offices or at times confiscating the car. Always follow the rules of parking as stipulated in a certain place.

Further more always pay the parking ticket fees if charged in order not to be an offender. Failure to do so may lead to confiscation of the car or you getting imprisoned.

Tip off the security personnel in the parking lot: in most parking lots or areas, there are gentlemen or ladies guarding the parked vehicles from theft. Always ensure to give them a token of appreciation for the job well done to keep your car safely during the parking session.

With the above tips you are never going to be at fault or even getting any damage when parking the rental car.


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