Updated Covid 19 Guidelines for Uganda Travelers

Covid 19 Guidelines

Updated Covid 19 travel guidelines to Uganda and Rwanda: Corona virus still remains world’s threat today. A number of travel restrictions have been put in place by different governments worldwide Uganda inclusive to help minimize the wide spread of Covid 19. As of November 2021, here are some of the updates about the different Covid 19 travel guidelines to Uganda and Rwanda.

Covid 19 travel guidelines to Uganda

Airport and border travel guidelines/measures/restrictions

  • For all passengers arriving into Uganda via Entebbe International Airport (EBB), they shall be subjected to Covid 19 tests. This is regardless of which country you come from or vaccination status. However, the tests will cost US$30 per person and children of 6 years below plus the airline crew with vaccination proof are exempted.
  • Once your samples have been taken, you can move to your home or hotel for self-isolation till they receive their results. No need to return to the testing area, results shall be sent to passenger via email or phone.
  • A traveler who tests positive for corona virus upon arrival at Entebbe airport shall get psychological support and then transferred to already gazetted area- public of private treatment facilities. From these facilities, you will spend 7 days and discharged only when you get negative PCR test. Passengers who test positive for Covid 19 shall receive free treatment in public hospitals and you incur a cost while on private hospital.
  • For any arrival tourists/visitors on Uganda safaris with asymptomatic/mild disease, he or she shall be managed at the designated tourist hotels. Visitors who gets severe disease shall be relocated to their hospitals of choice for treatment.
  • All travelers, tourists, passengers with body temperatures less 37.5 degrees Celsius or with no persistent cough, difficulty in breathing/flu related symptoms will be permitted to have entry or depart from Uganda.
  • Entebbe Airport health team is mandated to approve arrival/departure a negative corona virus PCR test certificate taken within 3 days/72 hours from the sample collection time.
  • For passengers or visitors who have been vaccinated and have certificates, a negative PCR test certificate must be presented and it should have been taken within 72 hours from sample collection time to when you board the aircraft. Note, vaccine isn’t 100% protective and takes some days or weeks to start protecting you.
  • Departing passengers or tourists are required to present a negative Covid 19 PCR test certificate that should have been taken within 72 hours from the sample collection time.
  • In Uganda, curfew is still maintained at 7:00pm to 5:00am. Any passenger who arrives during curfew or places outside Kampala need valid air ticket plus boarding pass to be permitted to proceed to the hotel/area of residence. This equally applies to departing passengers or tourists.

Covid 19 travel guidelines for getting around Uganda

  • If you plan to get around Uganda, take note that curfew still stands at 7:00pm up to 5:00am. If you are planning a self drive in Uganda, it is important to take note of the curfew hours in order to plan your travels well.
  • The following areas still remain closed- performing artists, beaches, concerts, disco halls, bars.
  • Weddings, religious, burials plus other social events are strictly done with not more than 200 people and SOPs must be observed.
  • Social distancing must be observed, wearing of masks is mandatory not only in Uganda but also in Rwanda.
  • Vehicles must carry half capacity to ensure social/physical distancing is maintained.
  • Regularly sanitize or hand wash while getting around Uganda.

Tourist vehicle guidelines

  • All safari vehicles should be licensed by the Ministry of Works and Transport in Uganda.
  • Tourists safari cars should be licensed, insured and equipped with sanitizers, masks, seats must be spaced.
  • The driver guide must have a negative PCR test and this should have been taken 48 hours prior setting off for a road trip.
  • Coronavirus SOPs must be observed while in the safari or tour vehicle- occupants must wear masks, social distance and regularly sanitize.


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