The Rupareliia Family bank rolls Goat race


The Royal Ascot Goat Race was one of the leading crowd  puller and annual event for the tycoons on the   Ruparellia family event calendar activities but scrapped off in 2012.

Good news is that the Royal Ascot Goat Race is back following the official launch last Friday that had the elite and well to do share a cocktail at Speke Hotel to unveil the news at Speke Hotel Munyonyo.
Tycoon Sudhir Ruparellia daughter Sheena Ruparellia who also doubles as Events Organizer announced the dates and event programme amidst top Kampala big wigs.
According to Sheena Ruparellia the popular goat race will take place on August 25th just after the first wedding anniversary of Rajiv Ruparellia early next month.

Rajiv Ruparellia who held the most expensive wedding in London will hold his wedding anniversary come first August in Kampala.
Sheena Ruparellia says for the love of charity and support for the disadvantaged members of the society they resumed the Goat race to rally support and mobilization of money to support their cause.

“The entire Ruparelia family has bit heart for the disadvantaged members of our society and we feel we should support them. That is why we have resumed our popular Goat Race event to raise this money. We pledge to use the collection to support charity activities,” Sheena Rupareliia emphasized.
Rajiv Ruparellia said supporting charity is cementing relationship with business community and one way for reaching to community and part of corporate social responsibility.
“We as Ruparellia group run several corporate social responsibility activities like scholarships and supporting funding charity. At Victoria University we annually give out scholarship to bright and disadvantaged to study at our university,”
The Ruparellia Family are well known for merry making and splashing money in Kampala in fact they live on cloud nine. They are back on spending spree a thing that will chap up those who thought they were financially handicapped after losing crane Bank one of their business brand in Uganda.
Early next month Rajiv Ruparellia son to Kampala tycoon Sudhir Ruparellia will hold his first ever wedding anniversary in Kampala after that multibillion wedding in London.


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