Mutebi for Fufa job


After gunning continental success, the KCCA chief Mike Mutebi is being lauded as the best thing today “Mutebi has been around Ugandan football for more than 30 years and we know he can deliver when it matters. He shouldn’t be wasting time coaching, he should govern FUFA.” Said Eunice Nakalema, a soccer enthusiast.

This and many others have been the talk on fans who believe Mutebi can do the job better, since he has played and coached the game. Obervers say it would be proper to have an election season driven by issues, and not sentiment for the game, which deserves to be discussed and analysed in such a perspective.

Issues like grassroots projects, youth football, women’s football, the organization of the league, the commercial aspect of the game and others should be fronted prominently because they are at the heart of the game of football that stirs passions and emotions of millions.

The election process will have broken tradition by reaching a milestone, if after August 5 in Masindi District where the elective AGM will be held, the sole winner is football in the true sense of the word. Reigning Ugandan champions KCCA rallied from a goal down to edge the former African champions at Phillip Omondi stadium in to earn their fi rst ever group stages win in continental competition. KCCA now turn attention to the Uganda Cup semi-fi nal fi rst leg where they host rivals Express FC on Friday at Lugogo before hosting Rivers United of Nigeria on the fi rst weekend of June.


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