Seanice Kacungira Departure Spurs Endless Tributes


The news of the departure of one of the longest serving radio presenter at the oldest FM radio in Uganda, Seanice Kacungira has left her fans crestfallen.

Soon after announcing her departure from Sanyu FM, where she has been a presenter at a morning show, her depressed fans have since then came out to pour out their tributes and praises to the radio siren.

“You cannot be remotely serious about this… .surely you are hitting below the belt! If I am gonna miss you, that will be the understatement of the millennium! Sean, I don’t know how to express this…..only that you cannot go away now.You just cannot,” said Hannington Ssemwanga.

“I talked to you guys just the other morning when you were asking about chatting up a girl. I liked your view that ‘yes, you will one day ask for the goodies but it is better to make it understood by the girl that that is not your primary aim.”

Ssemwanga went added that Seanice had instead advised men to start something mutually likeable for the “both of you (and your girl/fiancé).

“If you go, my morning will never be the same again. Knowing that you won’t return……But well, if you really have to…. may the Almighty guide you, lead you and protect you in your new adventure,” Ssemwanga paid his tribute.

“You leaving? Did you and James Onen (Seanice’s co-presenter) fight? Why are you leaving?” asked Ronald Nyeko in disbelief.

“Change is a common denominator. You served with abundant passion. I don’t know how Onen will deal with your absence. Though i guess it has been long overdue! Good going and all the best with your career,” Jude Obitre said.

“May the good Lord go before you to another level. Thank you for the service. God bless you in all your endavours,” Richard Nyeko said.

“I have a solution, lets increase her pay, secure her a new vehicle complete with Lukwago-like security, move Sanyu fm studio to the ground floor: with a gym and fresh towels clearly labeled She-a-Nice and see if she abandons us! Happy hunting dear. Spread those wings, conquer the universe evidently the world isn’t strong enough to hold you down,” said Jasper Rwot.

Just like the rest, a dispirited Lina Asiimwe said it was too sad she was leaving radio. “i have listened to other presenters do the show with fat boy and just kept drumming my fingers on the wheel, saying ‘when is sean coming back?’ you and Onen were the real deal! …but good luck in your new direction.”

Seanice’s Radio Journey

Seanice has been on radio for over sixteen years having worked with Sanyu fm before leaving for Capital fm Kenya in 2005. She returned in 2010 only to rejoin Sanyu fm.

She also presented a bi weekly lifestyle show on WBS TV with a panel of four women with Melinda, Olga and Crystal being the others although the show stopped airing in 2012.

However, although she is leaving Sanyu radio, the 30 year old will not be completely out of media. She owns a digital agency called Blue Flamingo, that does audio and television production.

She also runs a salon called Suqa.

Her Love Life

Though she is 30, an age she will tell you without wasting even a second, Seanice is not yet married. She was to walk down the aisle with her then fiancé Christian Gronlund a while back only for her to call it off just months to the main day.

She attributed her cancellation to “feeling trapped and suffocated, and I realised that I was not ready to get married. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make.”

Seanice says the two emerged from it (relationship) stronger and better friends and they still relate with each other but not dating.

“He is my best friend and even the way we relate with other now is better. He is a lawyer and is even the one who looked at my contract for Tusker Twende Kazi and encouraged me to take the opportunity,” Seanice told kenyan media in March.


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