Pallaso ‘Steals’ Radio and Weasle Amaaso Show


Singer Pallaso formerly known as Lizard Friday turned out the biggest entertainer at the Amaaso Album launch.

The dreadlocked singer who until eight years ago was singer under Leon Island managed by his Brother Jose Chameleon.

However, upon leaving the country, less was known from him not until of recent when he featured on Goodlyf’s Amaaso song.

Wearing a sleeveless T-shirt in gold colours, black leather pants and black long shoes, Pallaso came onto stage during the time Radio & Weasle left for a break and indeed utilised the time to the fullest.

Started with Save Me, before singing his hit single Mudigide sending the crowd wild. This was a big hit by the time the musician left the country. The was followed by Pallaso’s latest songs which have all turned out as hits across the country.

Singing Read for You, a song he did with GNL and his singing partner Mess, revelers joined in, singing along. As if this was not enough, Pallaso was joined on stage by Sheebah for their Mudongo hit turning the whole place on fire.

The song is currently receiving tremendous airplay on local airwaves and has managed to establish itself as a club anthem across the country.

But this alone was not enough to turn up the place. It was Sheebah’s dances that did the magic that almost all of her verse was left to the crowd!

After performing for a period of over 15minutes, he decided to take a rest though befor he could leave the stage, MC Kats, the mc of the night had this to say, “do you remember the days when we would walk from DV8 (on Wilson Road) to Club silk to perform?”

“No…we used to get a boda boda,” replied a smiling Pallaso.

Kats basing on the love which was showed to the musican while on stage, he asked him to return back to Uganda.

“Why don’t you return and make money here. Didn’t you see how fans liked your music?” Kats asked.

Radio and Weasle came back on stage before they were later joined by Pallaso for their breakaway song, Amaaso.

Pallaso sings the last verse of the song and had a good time when he repeated it over and over again upon the request of fans before leaving stage.

He currently based in the US has recorded new songs with all his brothers, Jose Chameleon, Weasle and AK47.

Pallaso Good Lyfe singer Weasel, was famous for his Mudigidde hit before he left the country with Jose Chameleone for a musical tour in the US several years ago. On reaching US, he hooked up with an American girlfriend and he chose to stay.

He later changed his stage name from Lizard after serving a one year jail term for lack of immagiration papers to Pallaso.


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