Opinion: Why I support the Human Rights Watch report about the Kasese Killings


“Ensuring Independent investigations into the conduct of security forces would not absolve civilians who committed crimes from facing Justice, but would ensure security forces are also held responsible for their conduct and demonstrate a fundamental commitment to rule of law ” Human Rights Watch.

The Devil’s hand behind the Rwenzururu Omen continues. There are a few matters at a glance that one would ponder about.

It is important to note that justice can never be achieved through back doors.

It is equally inhumane to think that one can negotiate the loss of over 180lives for Justice’s sake in closed meetings.

Closing the people out of such processes is such an inhumane assumption.

This reminds me of the bitter realities “prominent” Rwenzururu figures were spotted in broad day light condemning the locally elected leaders.(Parliamentarians).

These are some of the historical moments that will never be forgotten by generations to come.

I came to learn the difference between human beings and being human.

How one earth would one fail to quickly discern that excluding the victim’s leaders was a way of trampling on the Victim’s freedoms.

The gist and why I support this independent investigations proposal is;
It is a milestone in ensuring that justice is not only seen to be done but it is truly done.

It will demonize all the would be speculations about the apportioned liabilities(leasing to the dire truth)

It will enlight the world in as far as the extent to which who wronged who is concerned.

Justice can never be established without establishing the truth first.

After we have established the truth then we shall be able to choose the right method to achieve the best path towards ensuring long lasting peace.

We can opt for a legal solution based on what would have come out.
We can equally opt for a local or an African solution of dialogue call it reconciliation.

However, this comes in after establishing the extent to which we wronged ourselves thereafter we apologize to each and decide in good faith to move on.

We call it starting a new chapter.

You know what???
This basic understanding of this report makes me fail to categorize anyone that opposes it. For lack of a better world no matter how defective your lenses may be! You qualify as an enemy of peace and the entire region.

There is no flag big enough to cover the shame of killing innocent souls.

Sandy Apolo Randy
A humble subject of the Rwenzururu establishment.

The Dream Team
Keeping the Hope Alive.
The Eagle Eye.
The Voice from the Peak.


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