Opinion : The Rwenzori Peace Restoration Fallacy


You must drop your cheap Arrogance for our own good. Talk is cheap and anyone can say anything. Talking about peace does not necessarily bring peace. This is where you all have gone wrong.

Time and again I have been here, haunting the real devil.

I confirmed sometime back that indeed there is some invisible devil’s hand behind the Rwenzururu misery.

I would like to be educated about the peace mission possibilities in the Rwenzori amidst tears.

We all know it as a snow mountain with occasional rain drops but of late its a snow mountain with constant drops of tears.

From my humble understanding, I can conclude that peace is not an in put but rather an out put.

This may sound somewhat technical, but put in basic grammar I mean you must put certain things
place for the desired peace to fall in place.

I risk to sound inhumane but at the same time I hate being hoodwinked. Our brothers the peace merchants lost it.

They never asked themselves the hard questions. They are hiding under the pretext of dialogue.

There has never been any dialogue in the Rwenzori. All I constantly see is some sort of monologue.

How do you explain a meeting attended by a government minister, an RDC,DPC&GISO all these are government representatives.

The victims are not represented. The question is why isn’t the victims having representation? Its because the monologue champions have no message for them.

What will you tell a parent staring at six grave yards of his sons? That they deserved to die!!!

Take a humble walk with me to Liberia! Do you have any single idea about what happened in Liberia? Do you know why they have their current president female?

Please! Help me on your own, visit Rwanda. My brothers there can tell you how they have managed.

However, one thinking that he or she knows it all about peace and more so within the Rwenzori region! Its a blunder.

I do not know what they are reporting to the chief funder of these flopped crusades.

Allow me to report to you that the mission hit a dead end. It died as soon as it was conceived.

I would like to put you on notice that we can not have peace unless there are certain clear terms set.

We must stop behaving like hunters hunting for peace as if its an animal.

Peace can only be achieved if only we all sobered up, owned up and went back on the drawing board. I believe we must and should start with the basic called UNITY.

I am for peace. We are for Peace. We don’t believe in monologue for Peace.

Lastly allow me to thank the Human Rights Watch International. Thank you for that rich report. We look forward to its implementation by those tasked to do so.

Sandy Apolo
(A humble subject of the Rwenzururu Kingdom & a citizen of the Republic of Uganda)

The Dream Team.
Keeping the Hope Alive.
The Rwenzori Eagle Eye.
sapolo87 @gmail.com


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