Why is Uganda Car Hire Expensive


If your plan on having a private safe and comfortable road trip far from home, you will need a rental car for the job. It could be a family vacation, safari or business road trip, you will need to rent a car to avoid the unreliable public means. There are a variety of vehicles that Uganda car rental can do business with you and will tell you how they have the perfect car for at the best price in town.

However, before you even think of inquiring about rental cars available, there are major factors you should strongly consider to get a car that you want at a suitable price.

Company Reputation

When you rent a car, most options will be comparable which may make it difficult for you to decide which company to go with. If this occurs, a deciding factor should definitely be the company’s reputation.

Before settling on a company to rent from, go online and read reviews posted about them. These are from people who have used them in the past. Therefore, they will be brutally honest and you will be able to trust what they say. Also pay close to attention to their customer service when you deal with them. You want a company that is friendly and helpful because they will be able to assist you if anything goes wrong with your rental. An employee who is rude and disengaged may not be there for you when you need them.

Number of people traveling

The amount of passengers greatly influences the type of rental car to use. You need to rent a car in Uganda that can fit the passengers as well as their luggage comfortably. If you are bon solo business or leisure trip, then a small compact car will be the perfect choice but if you plan on traveling friends, family, work mates, then you should opt for a much larger economical car like a Van or Mini bus. This will increase the level of comfort as there is enough space for passenger & cargo.

Rental location

Your rental car can be dropped at any place of convenience close to any main town in Uganda. Some travelers prefer to pick the car from the company offices, airport or any nearest location not far from the main town. However, when you choose to pick your rental car from office, the price is cheaper compared to any other location like the airport.

It is a proven fact that renting at the airport costs a lot more than if you were to go off-site. This is because company kiosks at airports have surcharges that they add on the costs to rent their vehicles. The costs difference between the airport and renting off-site is well worth it with some travellers reporting that they saved up to 50 percent by doing so. So with that in mind, always make sure you set a pick up location in the city or Entebbe to save money.

Booking method

Most travelers always choose to book a rental car online since they can easily get information about a particular car and compare prices quickly but have you ever thought of just calling the company reservations line to book by phone.

There is nothing wrong with getting prices from different companies via the internet but you should not settle here as you may be able to do better price-wise. Calling different rental companies and informing them of the prices you found online may yield better results as customer service representatives will try their best to get your business and beat the prices you have already been quoted at. This may result in a noticeably better fee for a better vehicle.

To book a rental car in Uganda visit the https://www.selfdriveuganda.com for more information, we will walk you through the car rental rates, terms and conditions.

Booking time

When you decide to rent a car in Uganda or any other destination for that matter, always make sure you book early to avoid inconveniences like missing out on a rental car of your choice or getting priced highly because of the urgency. Endeavor to book at least a month before arrival as this also ensures no matter the changes in currency exchange rate, you can also be sure the car rental rate will not change because it was confirmed long time ago.

So with that in mind, we at Uganda car rental hope you make the right decision if you want to get best car rental rate that suits your budget and personal needs. You can contact us now by sending an email to info@ugandacarrental.com.

If you are planning to delight in an affordable and safe private transportation for your next road trip adventure. The rate of your future car rental is one of those important factors that you need to consider. Regardless of whether it’s a family vacation, solo trip, safari or business, you need transportation to take your around. It is important to note that the car hire rates do vary from one company to another. 

Early booking

We recommend all travelers to consider booking in time to avoid in conveniences. Such as; change in currency exchange, getting highly prices cars because you need to travel among others. Take courtesy to book at least 4-2 months prior to the date of travel.

Rental Duration

The time frame that you are planning to hire the car also determines the price of the car. For example, travelers in need of long term car rental delight in additional benefits like discounted rates on almost every Vehicle that cannot be offered on short term rentals. This is a common offer given by almost all the rental companies.

Season of travel

During the peak season, there are a lot of people travelling to Uganda to explore fascinating destinations. And due to the high demand for private transportation, many companies do raise the prices of their rental cars to maximum profits. We thus advise travelers to booking early in advance before prices are increased. Once you make your reservation, the price does not change regardless of the change in season.

Whether you are on vacation with your family or a business trip, you need a rental car while you are away from home. There are many different rental car companies who want your business and will tell you that they have just the car you need at the best price available.

However, there are certain factors that need to be considered before renting a car. Being mindful of them will guarantee you get the car you need at the price you deserve.


So if you are planning to rent a car in Uganda this season and still wondering what the price will be, the above factors will give you a clue of how rental cars are priced. To inquire about our rental cars and services in Uganda, simply send us an email to info@selfdriveuganda.com.


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